Why should the former be blocked on social media after the separation?

We should the former be blocked on social media after the separation. Junaid’s six-year-long relationship with Faria recently came to an end. Time is very difficult for him. In no way can you forget the happy memories you had with Faria. It is as if Faria was involved in his life. Whatever he is going to do, remember Faria.

Social media, in particular, is bothering him a lot. Almost every day, the memory function reminds you of an old memory you had with Faria. Nor does Faria publish different states or images, which only aggravates her mind. Looking at Farrier’s condition, it doesn’t appear that he has recently parted ways. In the photos, it is as fun as ever.

Constantly in depression

All in all, Faria’s image on social networks is still very happy. And it is not possible for the Junaid to accept this. How Faria is so normal where hell suffers every second for not being able to bear the pain of separation! Why does Faria not suffer the same as him!

These thoughts seem to be exacerbating Junaid’s suffering. I’ve been thinking all this night after night. Faria’s various posts are published over and over on Facebook news. Or sometimes he himself goes to Faria’s timeline and analysis where Faria has written. As he watches, his suffering is only increasing. His mind is constantly in depression.

Negative thought

It is impossible for Junaid to carry out activities in daily life. Study or work part-time, write about hobbies, or chat with friends at the Swapan Mama store at TSC – everything seems to have gone wrong. Again, when the thought flashes through his mind that although he is so affected by the separation, Faria is right, he feels more defeated. Anger and anger rage in his mind. Therefore, as a result of one negative thought after another, Junaid’s suffering only increases at a compound rate.

Unable to cope alone with this extreme calamity, Junaid opened his eyes to Shakib, his close friend. Hearing all of that, Shakib said, “Now block Faria from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.” Junaid fell from the sky with the suggestion: “No, no, how to do it! It is too childish, it would be an immature act!” Shakib replied: “You are storing Faria every day and you are suffering, do you understand that this is a very mature job?”

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Ties with the ex on social media

It really is. Many of us have the misconception that, in any case, we have to establish ourselves as “mature” for everyone, and we cannot afford to be slain. So, after separation, many people go up and down with the purpose of showing that “everything is fine” or “I am very strong”. An integral part of those ups and downs is not cutting ties with the ex on social media.

We have to cut communication with the first ones through social networks, but I don’t say it once. However, if the situation is that you are not disconnecting, while the actions and words of the first one increase your suffering, in no way allow you to forget about them, it is advisable to block the first one.

The renowned Los Angeles relationship therapist said. Gary Brown According to him, the first thing to do after the separation is to block or silence the first through social networks.

My advice would be that you do not see him (ex) through any type of social network, talk to him, or maintain any other type of communication, for at least 5 days. This time you will have to overcome the pain, so that life returns to normal. After losing something, we all go through emotional turmoil for the right reasons. There is no alternative to time to overcome this instability.

Showing different memories

In other words, it takes some time to stabilize yourself mentally after separation. And that time can be found by blocking the first one through social networks. Because if he’s on your block list, he won’t bother with repeated status or photo updates, and HotHot won’t remind you of it by showing different memories. Plus, it will get rid of the clutter you don’t need. Instead, he will have enough time to be determined, to make his own life.

However, don’t forget to lock the first of your original ID, open another fake ID, or even store the first with a friend or family member ID!

In 2012, a research article was published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, which showed how Facebook played a role in creating more unwanted situations in the lives of romantic couples in the post-divorce period. However, there is no suggestion that the former should crash. But there were detrimental aspects of the Facebook average. It goes without saying that if the ex is on the friend’s list, or if his ID is generally visible on Facebook, there is a tendency to store him. Wanting to know, “Let’s see what he does! Do you remember me?” And that’s why, 

Instead of constantly avoiding storage, it would be so much easier to directly lock the first one.

Also, repeatedly seeing an ex-boyfriend on social media after a breakup can make the boyfriend or girlfriend doubt, and it’s not uncommon for them to experience endless regrets. This was discussed by Nicole Richardson, a Registered Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. Regarding seeing the first ones through social networks after the separation, I said:

 repeatedly seeing an ex-boyfriend on social media after a breakup can make the boyfriend or girlfriend doubt
ex-boyfriend media after a breakup

Then you will have to worry about your decision a second time over and over. His brain is structured in such a way that he is always looking for comfort and ease. Even if you’ve ever done the right thing, your brain is still skeptical about it and repeatedly fights with you. Over and over, she reminds you of the joyous moments of your love and presents you with challenges: is it really the right decision you made, or does your decision need to be reconsidered?

Experience endless regrets

According to the University of Nevada professor Courtney Warren, it is necessary to think deeply about whether to remain friends with the former or keep in touch with her on social media. He thinks that constantly getting new information on the first of the social networks can create a negative reaction in his mind. No matter how hard you try to get back to normal life, after seeing the first one through social media, thoughts on the subject can push you back, pouring water in your effort to “keep going.” If this is the case, then the former will be blocked from doing something like this.

Kristen Conger, an author of the Huffington Post. The few people who have benefited from blocking the first of Facebook to forget the pain of separation. I wrote about his decision,

The topic of the Facebook block was initially addressed by my ex as an attempt to show my reaction in the virtual world and to prove something. But the main thing for me is: separation is a difficult thing to do, so shouldn’t we also make sure Facebook doesn’t have a trace?

Lower your self-esteem

So the point is, blocking an ex via Facebook or other social media after separation can play a very useful role for anyone who returns to normal life. Also, another important thing is that separation means cutting the relationship with the person, isn’t it? Does it matter if you block him or not because he thinks you’re immature or laughs at you? It doesn’t come And it doesn’t lower your self-esteem. First of all, you need to think about your mental health. Before thinking about whether your ex is good or bad, you must prioritize your life, your own good.

But there is still a small dilemma on the minds of many: is it enough to simply block the ex. If he is connected to his other close friends or family?

Since their relationship with your ex is much deeper than yours

Even from your various posts, many unwanted things about the first one may appear in front of you. Since their relationship with your ex is much deeper than yours, they will please your ex in the conflict between you two and you will be responsible. So don’t block them even before you return to a normal life, at least temporarily leave or move them. And if you block, you must first clarify your position.

The last thing is: will you block the first one for life? There is no such requirement. Their importance or dominance to you will not remain the same throughout life. When you forget your ex and go back to normal life, you don’t have much hatred or anger towards him, and he doesn’t have the person to “matter” in your life, so you must unlock him. And then, if the mind wants, sometimes you can exchange words or even speak while keeping a healthy distance, as we do with anyone we meet.

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