The name of the danger is Chin! ICMR warns in advance about new ‘cat queue virus’

ICMR warns in advance about the new ‘cat queue virus’.China will not give peace to India! Ladakh is not a conflict. India’s life seems to be in the grip of viruses and bacteria! There is a coronavirus. The bacterium has entered silently.

India is also suffering from the virus

This time Digital Desk: While the whole world is slamming Uhan’s laboratory, no one is unaware of Beijing’s strong objection to calling the coronavirus a ‘Chinese virus’. The World Health Organization (WHO) research team will have to wait until the end of the year to accurately target China. However, the country from which the coronavirus is spreading is aware of how horrible and deadly it is.

So far over 1 million have died. Two million in America alone. One and a half million touches in Brazil. India is also suffering from the virus. Death is waiting to be one lakh. No one knows how many more millions of people will die worldwide before an effective antidote to the coronavirus is discovered. The ICMR again warned India against China during the crisis of the virus.

The name of the danger is Chin

The name of the threat is also Chin. Because the virus that ICMR has warned about is Chinese. The name is Cat Que virus, abbreviated as CQV. Although there is a cat named, the virus has nothing to do with cats. India is literally struggling with coronavirus. Since the start of the unlock phase, India has quickly risen to second place in the list of the highest number of infections, surpassing the rest of the world.

While the death rate is low in proportion to the rate at which the infection has increased, the death toll near one million is not very low. However, this death is rare on the side of America and Brazil. But, the fact is, India has not found a way to stop the infection. An average of 70,000 new cases is still being reported every day. Sometimes the number reached 90 thousand. In this time of crisis, the new Chinese virus is knocking on India’s door.

A research team from the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Maharashtra has already alerted the center about the Cat Q virus (CQV). In Indian Journal of Medical Research

The ICMR-National Institute of Virology conducted

Details of the ICMR study have been published. NIV scientists say there is a possibility of a new virus spreading from China. According to ICMR sources, this cat cue virus is present in the mosquito Culex species. The virus has also been found in pigs in China and Vietnam. The ICMR-National Institute of Virology conducted the study between 2016 and 2017 with the prior approval of the Institutional Ethics Committee.

Scientists from ICMR Pune conducted experiments on 63 people across the state. Cat Q virus antibodies were found in the bodies of the two. Both the victims were from Karnataka. CQV antibodies were found in their bodies in 2014 and 2016. The researchers said that at some point, they were infected with CQV. Getting CQV in these two samples means that the disease is likely to spread in India as well.

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Pig serum is also sampled

ICMR experts say they are trying to understand the replication of the virus in mosquitoes, as there are similar species of Culex mosquitoes in India, such as China. That’s why more samples need to be collected and tested now, the ICMR said.

Meanwhile, between July 2006 and 2008, a team of scientists from the United States and China began experimenting with the new virus by collecting mosquito samples from pig farms in Bajhang and Longchang Counties in eastern Sichuan. The details of the research team’s research were not known though.

How deadly the new cat queue virus is, whether it is as dangerous as the corona, or what are the symptoms of infection – is not yet known in detail.

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