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Retirement: Really adorable relaxation address?

Retirement really adorable relaxation address In our old age. Suchitra Bhadra (pseudonym) has been teaching at a reputed government university for almost 25 years. Almost six months have passed since he retired. Recently there have been some unusual abnormalities in its use. The man who was a symbol of patience, humility, firmness some time ago, is how he is changing a little today.

The change is evident in the eyes of everyone in the family. He himself realizes that this is not his known Suchitra. Often talking about trivial matters with her husband gets involved in kata-kata, when she comes to see the girl, she strangely scolds her, how great is the attitude with her grandchildren.

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Mosaddek Ahmed (pseudonym) has recently retired for two decades in various private organizations, recognizing his talents, abilities, creativity, and creativity. All corporate life has dominated the corporate world. He thought that retirement would be a blessing in his life after a long time.

That idea has already been proven wrong. Mosaddek suffers from a strange depression. He was never unhappy in his twenty years of service, never hopeless. In today’s life, he is lost at all times. Life is no longer busy, there is no need for constant contact with people, there is no work pressure, there is no fear of bosses, there is no idea of ​​controlling subordinates. However, life has bound him in the midst of a strange feeling.

Dear Readers, At this point, surely, the point of our day is to retire. For those who own their own business, the idea of retirement can be a bit confusing. Basically we will talk about who the workers are in their working life, retirement age. According to neuroscientist Daniel Levitin

Staying busy is one of the mantras of happiness in life! If so, when is the right time to retire? Never

It is important to know clearly what it means to be busy here. You have a goal in the workplace. That could be management, writing, research, marketing, etc. You have a detailed understanding of that task and have the skills to do that specific task. By doing this, you achieve part of the primary goal of the organization you work for and earn money at the end of the month. This cycle is active in different ways at different times. Upon retiring, this practice changed dramatically.

People simply cannot take this issue. After retirement, drink tea regularly in the morning, read the newspaper, water in the garden, market it, adore grandchildren, read books, go out, they cannot be covered in any way. Staying busy aimlessly with meaningless work will not bring happiness to your life.

Even after leaving your job, you must be involved in meaningful and purposeful work. Then that will make you happy. Research says that doing this on purpose, just because I’m busy, such things can lead to depression and happiness doesn’t match. After retirement, a significant number of people re-entered the workplace because they did not adapt to the problem.

According to Nicole Mestas, an economist at Harvard University,

It is important to use the brain. Any job must have a specific purpose. If you want to be happy, having a social relationship is also essential.

Although Sigmund Freud’s various theories have since been shown to be wrong, in one case his statement is fully justified. He had a vision of life.

Two things are essential in human life. The first is love and the second is commitment.

We are all warm for citizens. The kind of negative attitude towards them in the workplace is even more intense. Citizens of all ages should work together on this issue.


 relaxation address
Citizens of all ages should work together on this issue.

The corporate culture of the United States greatly supports racism. That is stereotypes and discrimination against the worker depending on the age of the person. As you get older, the likelihood that a person will get a job or be promoted to a job is significantly reduced. About two-thirds of American employers admit that they have been discriminated against in the workplace because of age.

It is imperative for corporate executives to realize that granting the same rights to older employees, building a friendly workplace for them, renovating them differently at work, etc. is not just about feeling good or doing some kind of volunteer work. This is an essential step for business intelligence.

The non-profit organization BrightFocus Foundation has made some remarkable and very humanistic deals with dealing with Alzheimer’s workers:


  • We wonderfully remember your responsibilities in any way, whether written or oral
  • Help complete a larger task by taking it to a smaller scale
  • Provide adequate training on any changes in the workplace
  • Avoid creating chaos and noise entirely in the workplace.
  • Reduce daily and weekly working hours.
  • Giving the person the opportunity to do their job at a convenient time every day.

With this in mind, Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest London airports in the world, debuted as the first airport suitable for people with dementia. With 5.6 trained employees, they lead this extraordinary company with skill. They constantly work to provide all kinds of assistance to anyone with any type of cognitive decline.

Even then the conversation remains. What if a person doesn’t get a job in the conventional sense? Or if you don’t work due to physical or mental limitations? In that case, there will be nothing to do? It can be a wonderful initiative for disadvantaged children to join the school as teachers. You can also participate in voluntary organizations and in the welfare of economically disadvantaged people.

The AARP Foundation has a program called Experience Corps. By virtue of this, many retired workers were appointed teachers in various public schools. In the eyes of society, the literacy rate, test scores, and social skills of these schoolchildren have increased positively in the service of veterans who are in the queue for the British people.

There is no way to deny that certain limitations come with age. However, I have a responsibility to stand by all those who are under the age to think that they are outside the mainstream of society.

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