Many people have a sore throat after wearing a mask for a long time, you know why?

Corona must be wearing a mask when going out in extreme weather. But many people have many physical problems due to the mask. Many are also reporting sore throats when wearing masks. Find out why this is here.

This time living desk: It is now mandatory to wear a face mask before going out to avoid corona infection, this is now New Normal. Coronavirus cannot enter the body through inhalation if you wear a face mask. In addition, if we wear a mask, the pollutants floating in the air cannot enter our bodies. Various studies have shown that wearing a face mask reduces the chances of infection by up to 50 percent.

Wearing a mask for a long time can increase

However, there are several problems with wearing the mask for a long time. Wearing a mask for a long time can increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the body. Many have said that if they wear masks for a long time, they will go out in acne. In some people’s experience, they wear masks for a long time. They are suffering from mental anxiety.  Those who wear glasses, if they wear a mask, the glass of the glasses is blurred.

In addition to all these problems, new ones have been added to the sore throat due to wearing a mask. We all know that to be healthy we need to keep our surroundings clean. But many of us use the mask again without washing it after using it. This increases our risk of being infected with germs and bacteria.

In the case of virus-resistant immunity mushrooms

This is why bacteria, viruses, dust enter our bodies. If the used mask is not washed and worn again, it gets stuck in the mask. These tiny particles enter our throats and cause pain and irritation. Especially those who have low immunity and those who have allergies can be more prone to this problem.

Another thing is, people, talk a little more loudly after wearing masks. This puts pressure on the throat. It can also cause a sore throat. To protect yourself from this, wash your face regularly with soap and water and dry it in the sun. Wear multiple masks if you want to go out every day. So you can wash one and wear the other. Do not touch the mask repeatedly for no reason. It also sticks to the dirty mask on your hands.

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