Information needed to start an e-commerce business

Due to the abundance of the internet and the availability of smartphones, e-commerce business sites are becoming increasingly popular in Bangladesh. Starting an e-commerce business through a website with a small investment. From housewives to millions of unemployed people, they can break out of their motto and become a successful e-commerce businessman. Investment and strategy are correlated with business. Today’s article is about what an entrepreneur should do when starting an e-commerce business.

Market research e-commerce business

Before starting a business, you must first know the movements of the market. And the following points should be emphasized for market research.


  • The demand for a product in the market is low,
  • Customer demand,
  • What products customers buy on e-commerce sites,
  • The delivery of goods is made by any transport outside the cities of Dhaka and Dhaka,
  • Products sold on e-commerce sites,
  • From where they come,
  • How inventory management is done in the e-commerce business,
  • How to provide warranty or replacement benefits for product lines,
  • In some cases, the customer may receive a refund,
  • What and how e-commerce merchants offer customers discounts or other benefits,
  • The website through which the e-commerce business grows, how others are designing it,
  • Who are the competitors in the e-commerce business in the market and the principles of their business,
  • What kind of product are they selling on your site?


 Which product would you like to start an e-commerce business with?

You must set the goal of which product you want to start an e-commerce business. There need to be some tactics in this regard. The success of your business largely depends on determining the right product. Make decisions based on customer demand and product availability. Choose your favorite product from the product category like essentials, essentials, gift items, clothes, pencils, etc. And if you want to take a slightly different approach, you can select a product by choosing from regionally famous products that we cannot enjoy or use in different parts of the country.

Remember, the product you are about to start an e-commerce business with will be the next time you decide to add the same national product to expand the business or increase the list of products.

Choose products that you can collect very easily and with low transportation costs.

Plan for the sale of selected products

Once the product is selected, read it for quick planning. Decide how to present the product to everyone, what information and images you share on the website. First, take note of how to apply your strategies.

Establish a name for your e-commerce company

A name is required for your organization’s contact. Choose a name that is attractive, beautiful, fluid, and audible, consistent with the type of product you sell. By looking at the name of their organization, customers can get an idea of what kind of product they can buy when they visit this site.

Website creation

Customers will visit the website of their e-commerce site and purchase the product. Therefore, you must be aware and careful about its construction. First of all, you need to build your website on one platform. You can use PHP technology. You can use various CMS like Magento, OpenCart, Xcart, OkMars, etc. or custom platforms like Laravel.

There are some downsides to using PHP technology, such as making changes to the website in the future, it becomes difficult and there are some security issues on PHP based websites. CMS or custom platforms, on the other hand, are easy to change and don’t have to worry about security issues of e-commerce business

That is all about the back end. There are a few things to keep in mind to make your website visible and easy to use on the front end. First, use high-quality images in each case on the website. Put the registration option in the client registration form, registration with Facebook, and registration with Google. The process of purchasing a product from your website should be easy so that the product can be purchased in just a few steps.

Preparation of the legal documents necessary to start an e-commerce business.

You must have a business license to validate the business. Also tin, VAT must be done with these documents periodically.

Determine the price of the product.

For the products you sell on your e-commerce site, you need to set a price. The factors to consider when determining the price of a product are:


  • Transportation and conservation charges will be added in the case of raw material.
  • The sale price will be considered in the case of wholesale products.
  • The price will be negotiable in the case of collecting goods from the distributors.

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Decide on the product delivery system.

Determine how you want to deliver a product, in what area, and through what delivery. And depending on the delivery system, you can tell the customer a deadline for product delivery. For example, you can contract with an organization like your own transportation system or shipping service for the delivery of goods within Dhaka. And you can contract with SA Transport or Sundarbans Courier Service for the delivery of products outside Dhaka.

And you must have a tracking system for product delivery. Then it will be very easy to trace.

Finalize the means of payment and security.

Los clientes tienen un sistema de pago en línea y fuera de línea para comprar productos en el sitio de comercio electrónico. Debe usa SSL Gateway para obtener seguridad de los pagos en. Y hay algunos tipos de sistema de pago fuera de línea como pago contra reembolso, tarjeta contra reembolso. El pago del cliente de variedad de los medios de pago, de modo que cualquier tipo de cliente puede el precio a su conveniencia.

Investigación de palabras clave

To make your site known to everyone, you need to search for keywords. Make a list of the types of keywords customers are looking for the most. Now with these keywords, you can put a blog option on your site. When you regularly post blog content using keywords, your site will appear in customer search results.

Determine your target customer

When you plan to start an e-commerce business, you must determine the target customer for your site’s product. Decide who you sell your product to.


The brand is its commitment to the customer. Thousands of products or services represent a single entity and dependency on your brand and its competitors, depending on why the customer will buy the product from your e-commerce site. The brand also gives you an idea of your type of business and target customer. Then make the mark correctly.


The words “spread in the preaching”. If you start a business with good quality products and great plans, if you don’t do the right marketing, all the effort will die in the field. It is through marketing that the customer will know about your product. So do all the marketing possible through social media, paid ads on various websites, newspaper advertising, posters, brochures, billboards, etc.

Customer service

The e-commerce business needs to have a qualified team that actively provides customer service with a smile. This is vital to the e-commerce business. Since there is no opportunity to go directly to the store to see the product or if there is a problem, it is only through customer service representatives that customers should inform the people responsible for the business. Customer service representatives serve as the link between the organization and the customer.

Effective calculation of the budget

An effective and realistic budget is essential to the success of your e-commerce business plan. When you plan the above steps together, also write the budget. How much do you need to invest in different sectors to start a business and make a potential budget for the next three months before starting a business? This should not be a problem for you immediately after starting a business, as you have a basic idea.


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