Indrajal: A thousand years of mysterious magazines

Let’s start our journey from the present to the past with Indrajal and ‘Indrajal 2’. This means that the mystery of Simon’s magic is still intact today.  Simon is an archaeologist by profession. He came from Rome to Italy in search of a mystery. Not for the first time today. For thousands of years, it has been coming.

Her life is wrapped in magic. This is a series of books about Simon and the glamour of his life. The second book, written at the end, is incomplete; This means that the mystery of Simon’s magic is still intact today. Let’s start our journey from the present to the past with Indrajal and ‘Indrajal 2

Extra curiosity but nothing good. It is 1812. Young Simon, painter, and renowned archaeologist. Discover something yourself, leave Greece alone to take credit for yourself has come to Greece. The objective: an ancient Cavallo temple.

A group of pagan priests visited the temple. Under the temple, there are said to be archaeological artifacts. Many times he has been there in groups or alone. But no one could swallow the minds of the priests.

Each time he took refuge in a small cabin. More than 3,000 years ago they went looking for the secret of the temple. Although he got the temple, he was not allowed to go to the secret place. But damn it, Simon. Very secretly he appeared on the temple floor. Some unintelligible signs, some isolated noises, and a door were found. The box is a mysterious door.

The door, 10 feet high and 4 feet wide, is locked in a nice box with keys. The people of Egypt used to have boxes of captive mummies. But the closed door in the box here?

From the basement of the temple, Simon returned to his cabin with the door locked, a fragmented.  she is talented and strong, otherwise can one carry such a heavy box? Knock on that mysterious door. One day he discovered the story behind the door.

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The god is the daughter of Zeus, the goddess of affection, or Venus. He is a man in love. The animal, named Adonis, fell in love with two or two at a time, despite the fact that the predator was not initially cured.

The man is dying. As a result, the victim, Adonis, once fell into the abyss of death. After his death, Afroditi fell apart. On the birthday of the daughter of the god Zeus, he gave her a door that would have brought her back. Every full moon night,

I would go back to the past with this door. He used to know the lover The mother-in-law told Hera when she found out everything Hephaestus had done. This beautiful goddess of love is cursed in the past.

Indrajal was secretly hidden under a temple

Thereafter, he returned to his own time from the past, suffering various curses, crying, harsh punishment. After that, the door was secretly hidden under a temple. But these are myths. Can that door and this door be one?

Meanwhile, he found a skeleton. That skeleton 1500 years ago. The skeleton will take that door home. Then the boat ticket came out. But Mayabi’s strange voice was heard at night and the door knocked him out. One night Simon answered the call and opened the door to the room. But no, that is not the Rome of to

This is not the first time that Simon has left. When Julius Caesar was ruling.

Sometimes he brought the door of his cabin, and from the temple floor to the past. In Rome, he has repeatedly met with Julius Caesar, Octavius, Octavia, Atia, Brutus. The inner palace of the palace has been repeatedly painted.

How many times have you been surprised by the images you painted in your past? His soul knows that he is a prisoner of time. He wants to go out, but he can’t.

Every time a woman named Isabella enters his life. Sudoku, an acquaintance of Isabella rescues Isabella and her father from Tobias. Never again did Simon save the helpless girl’s father. Isabella’s love for her, however, is denied. Meanwhile, Simon’s relationship with photographer Rufus is also very good. For this Rufus, find a way to earn a living in ancient Rome.

Simon himself has been hanged and has warned Julius Caesar many times. But fate. It could not change history. I loved Isabella’s crying, but it has been avoided. Will Simon be able to love Isabella or will the girl cry alone amid pride?

Aphrodite repeatedly hinted to Simon that she would not make the same mistake over and over again. But did Simon respond? Didn’t you understand the hint of the goddess even today? The millennial spirit it carries is a curse. What is the end result? Do you come back often and find your own arched skeleton? Or something else?

The history of this book is still unfinished. Hopefully, the mystery will be revealed soon if the world is healthy.

We present the author Jimmy Tanhab’s book “Thirst for Blood”; That book is also a mystery of mine. At first, reading the books would seem like an imitation of a foreign story. In Bengal there are so many analytical mysteries, thrillers are rare. English literature student Jimmy Tanhab’s 4th-century books gained great popularity last year. Writers will expect such writing in the coming days.

Simon returned to his cabin with the door locked, a fragmented.

Due to lack of time, the book is not read as before. After finishing the two books in the space from one office to another, it seems that when I read the next section. What will happen to Simon and Isabella? Simon out of glamor? Know that Bod is willing!

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