How does the coronavirus affect a generation?

Coronavirus is the most discussed topic in the world today. coronavirus affects a generation changing the whole world at the same time. The rich, the poor men and women, big and small, no one can escape from his grave. So this Covid-19 disease is at the center of everyone’s thoughts. However, the thoughts and thoughts of each generation are not the same. They are at the center of thought. That is why Covid-19 is affecting each generation individually, changing them in different ways. But let’s see how the coronavirus is affecting a generation.

1) Baby Boomers

Since the Coronavirus outbreak and the LockDown announcement, we have all been frozen people who have been trapped in their homes and changed their behavior, I think we all know that. You guessed it, they are the oldest members of our family. That is, our parents or grandparents. Researchers of the generation call them baby boomers. They were born between 1946 and 1964 following the Second World War.

Baby boomers are currently between 56 and 74 years old. They have already seen many things in their lives, they overcame many adversities. They have seen famine in the post-war famine, but this is not the first time that they have shown the epidemic of various diseases.

But somehow avoiding these adversities, they have reached this stage of life today. Many of them think that the danger will disappear without touching them. That is why most are reluctant to take some additional precautions.

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After spending much of their own lives on it, many do not like the interference of others in their daily lives, and whether the other person is a close relative of their family or not. His attitude is often like, “Haven’t you seen the world more than I have seen you?

Concerned about the Coronavirus

According to statistics, baby boomers are ahead of the other generation to keep up with and worry about the Coronavirus. For example, 85% of Baby Boomers regularly report Coronavir, where Generation-X maintains 76%, Millennial and Generation-Z maintain 61%. Again, from the point of view of anxiety, it is they who are ahead. For example, baby boomers are 63% concerned about the Coronavirus, where 54% of Generation-X, 50% of Millennials, and 44% of Generation-Z.

So why are they so reluctant to keep up with so much news and concerns and stay home and obey other rules? The reason is really simple. First of all, many of them are now retired, and right now they have nothing more to do than watch the news and worry. And the second reason is its ultraviolence and old age. As the family grows and many of them still have some strength in their bodies, it is somewhat difficult for them to obey the orders of family members.

At this age, these people seldom think of themselves. Much of their thinking encompasses their families and the people around them. So even though they are at the highest risk of becoming infected with crowns, the virus can also cause family members to become infected, become trapped in their homes, and make no other changes.

2) Middle-aged or Generation-X

Now let’s talk a lot about those who are in the middle of a sandwich right now, with Generation X. They were born between 1960 and 1970. Therefore, their age is currently at home from the 50s to 60s. These people are now owners of various businesses and industries. Most of them have older parents in their homes and, on the other hand, there are children who study at school and university. So both their houses and the exterior are managed with the same hand.

Generation occupy the top positions in business and employment

Those who have booming parents and school-age children at the same time, but both must take the same care. Because boomers are at the highest risk of becoming infected, many don’t want to hear it, so taking care of them right now is quite stressful.

And if there is a child who goes to school with him, then it doesn’t matter. On the one hand, it is quite difficult to explain the horrors of their epidemic, so that they are not overloaded, they must take it into account. That is why Generation X has to spend quite a bit of time on both cameras.

It was only a matter of time. Now let’s think about the outside. Right now, people of this generation occupy the top positions in business and employment. So at this critical moment, everyone is looking for more instructions. According to economists, the market is likely to collapse, several factories are closed for a long time, and are likely to remain in the lead. But how they handle these things is now in their hands. Therefore, it is normal for them to be under high pressure.

But hopefully, experts say this generation of people saw the economic collapse early in their careers, first in the post-September 11 economic crisis and later in the 2008 stock market crash. That’s why Generation X people have more experience in this regard than their later Millennials and Generation Z. However, it remains to be seen how Corona’s current situation will be similar to the previous crises they witnessed, and how much knowledge they can use to gain pre-existing knowledge.

3) Millennials

Those born between 1976 and 1996 are called Millennials. Millennials are currently between 24 and 39 years old. That is, many of them are now in a good position to start their careers, while many are at the end of their education or early in their careers. Many Millennials are well established in their family again, and some may even have young children, and many are just thinking about starting a family. Millennials are now at an advanced age and, in this crisis, they are actually making their mark on maturity.

Anyone can eradicate this coronavirus

The researchers say that if anyone can eradicate this coronavirus, it will be Millennials. Millennials are at the forefront of all aspects of positive behavior change, maintaining social distance, working from home, in all aspects. Statistics say that 90% of Millennials adequately adhere to maintaining social distance. Then there is Generation X, keeping 85% of them adequately social distance, followed by 79% of Baby-Boomers and 74% of Generation-Z maintaining social distance.

Millennials are also at the forefront of working from home, they do not use public transport, taking various social work initiatives. According to statistics, 84% of Millennials are working from home. Then there is Generation X, 45% of them work from home, 41% work from Generation Z, and natural baby boomers have dropped at one point, 27% of them work from home.

Millennials are playing an important role in addressing the Corona situation. People of this generation are also seen leading in various fields, such as social work, the awareness of others, taking new kinds of timely steps.

4) Generation-Z coronavirus affect a generation

The generation currently experiencing the most ambiguity at this time is probably Generation-Z. Generation Z was born between 1997 and 2012. So, among Generation Z, the oldest is 23 years old and the youngest is 8 years old. Each of them is now a student at school, college, or university. The generation that suffers the most in terms of maintaining social distance is probably the people of this generation.

Thinking about the matter is understandable. A large part of this generation is still a teenager or younger. Every day, they spent a lot of time in educational institutions and friends. Therefore, it is very stressful that they suddenly move away from them. Furthermore, since many of them are still young, it is still not possible for them to understand the weight of this situation.

Regularly use social media

According to some experts, this coronary virus crisis will play a role for Generation-Z much later than September 11. This event will leave an impression on your mind and life for a long time as it did in the case of Generation X on September 11 and Millennials.

For the majority of Generation Z, the crisis is limited to the closing of their schools, the disconnection of friends and some changing habits in daily life, unless one of them is infected. Many of them regularly use social media, but rarely keep the actual news. Of course, among older people, Millennials have some influence on their conscience and behavior. However, since the burden of responsibility has not yet fallen on the neck of most of them, the anxiety rate remains the lowest in this generation.

Everyone will change!

Regardless of generation, experts say, the forensic virus outbreak will change everyone. Because such disasters are seldom seen when the hospital crisis shows crises in bed. Proper masks and PPE are not available, there is no ventilator available. Everyone stops together. However, it is believed that the long-term impact will be on Millennials and Generation Z. Their current way of life. Their political views and their worldview will be a deep impression at this time.

Coronavirus affects a generation show this change comes to you now is only a matter of time. But we all hope that this coronavirus will attack the entire world together, just as everyone changes for the better. Let people understand your limits. Realizing that nature does not give a discount if they forget everything and live only for themselves, they must develop their own life in a new way taking into account the words of every creature on earth.


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