Features that must be present for maximum success in the workplace

Features that must be present for maximum success in the workplace. Jerin Islam (pseudonym) is the managing director of a multinational company. Although the age is not as consistent with the position, as usual, he has been appointed to this important position at the youngest age in the history of the organization due to his own qualifications. When his interview was published in a widely circulated daily in the country, he mentioned some specific skills in the workplace as a manager. Towards the end of last year, on annual leave, he had completed a course related to a private development institution abroad. When asked about the experience of the course, he said,

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In the institutional field, personal development, various training, or courses including soft skills have not yet developed in our country. Your studies, organizational skills, job experience are all things that are acquired through various events. Of course, these are important, but to increase managerial skills or managerial excellence you must have some ancillary skills, which you can get by doing different courses. These things are not so much as formal education in that sense. One of the most important things is that you need to have some qualities to be a highly skilled corporate personality.

Increase managerial skills or managerial

Dear reader, the skills mentioned by Jerin Islam are called ‘High Potential Personality Trait’ in the language of institutional psychology. In the corporate world, you can’t think of achieving something unique just because of experience or because of office politics. Miraculously, even if two or four can sit in a high position, it will not last; Because you will not have the many subtle qualities that are needed to control the work process.

If your goal at work is to climb every step of the ladder to the highest level; Then in each step, you have to learn something, which will be the path to your next step immediately. The High Potential Personality Trait refers to the best of the six special skills. That is, if you try to measure any one of these six qualities very seriously, the whole system will fail. None of these six qualities is more or less useful than the others.

Competitive attitude

At the beginning of this discussion, we need to know what we mean by selfishness. Suppose you are constantly living a conflicted life with yourself; You want to apply your skills, abilities, achievements, etc. to the workplace with more skill. You want to see yourself as the most exceptional of all, in front of the boss at work, in your blood the desire to present yourself as an exemplary personality to colleagues. There is not the slightest mistake or immorality or selfishness in any of these.

The problem will only be when you push others to achieve these or to reach the desired goal. Although it sounds a bit harsh, what we call chatter is ‘elbow kill’. Now you are forced to say that selfishness has entered between you. Go ahead, surpass yourself or colleagues, reach the top – no problem. However, this journey is not to the detriment of others. The competition will be with ‘my self’, and in this journey, as the help of the people around you is needed, it is also your duty to extend the hand of sympathy in time.


Life will not always be in your favor. Waveless seas never produce skilled sailors. Contradictory conditions are the most deserving of your highest skill.

In times of crisis, standing up to colleagues sometimes requires you to make bold decisions aimed at the core goals of the organization. When the market system is on the verge of collapse or when one after another zero results in marketing – then the risk-taking mentality of a confident sailor will probably get you to the right destination.


That is, you adopted a plan to fulfill your responsibilities and duties properly. You will face multiple obstacles in the way of smooth implementation of this plan. Sometimes you will find faults in your work ethic, sometimes the work of a coworker will slow down your work, sometimes you will be forced to focus on some other urgent work.

In this case, it must be remembered that man is only an emotional animal, he is not a 100% logical animal by birth. That is, it is not possible to be emotionless, but to learn to control emotions through the proper use of thinking skills and reasoning. Giving priority to emotions over petty matters in no way supports justice in any way. I always want to be extremely alert towards work.

Indomitable curiosity

The fulfillment of your dedication to work will come if you are curious enough about your responsibilities. If you have a genuine interest in the intricacies of how a project works, what the responsibilities of a managing director are, what your organization’s position is on the growing demand, etc., you will be much more aware of the work, so that it will be easier for you to learn anything quickly. Curiosity opens the door to not only one-way but also multi-faceted opportunities.


Every human being is of a completely different kind. The type of work, the thinking, the speed of the work, the foresight – in all the criteria of the workplace, each person is either ahead or behind the other. Not all people working in an organization represent the ideal of essential qualities. That is, your weakness may be the strength of one of your peers. In the same way, a very admirable aspect of you may be missing among others.

Based on all this, the inevitable context like adaptation comes into play. What could be the most positive aspect of coordination? Together, in the same environment, working for the same goal, everyone’s personal development. You’re working with all your co-workers, you’re surpassing yourself in every moment – what could be a better work environment than this? And that’s why it’s so important to have the mindset to make concessions, to speak on behalf of others, and to be able to coordinate the overall outcome.

Recognition of ambiguity

Every project has a principle. Just as it is not possible to dismiss the principles as trivial, so the progress of the work is not guaranteed even if the principles are always adhered to. If you want to establish yourself as a trustworthy, universally recognized, prudent captain, there is no substitute for a liberal attitude towards any ambiguity, doubt, exception, deviation. There must be some rules at work.
However, discipline should in no way be synonymous with radical thinking. As a team leader, you have to be open to listening like everyone else. Trapped in a web of rules, a person fails to judge a particular problem from a multifaceted perspective. A liberal attitude towards any exceptions or ambiguities helps him make the best decision.

Organization and have been enthusiastic

If you have been the boss of an organization and have been enthusiastic about this discussion, congratulations. But at the end of the talk! Have you already come to the conclusion that only those who will have a satisfactory presence of these features in the next appointment of the organization will get the job opportunity? Needless to say, this time the originality of the subject did not touch you.
The most interesting aspect of the High Potential Personality Trait is teamwork. You won’t find a perfect mix of these skills in any person (exceptions are certainly not an example). You will find different skills in different people when it comes to recruitment. It is only possible to run a highly skilled organization with the balanced participation of different people.
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